Wireless Work Order Management & GPS Tracking Device


Wireless Work Order Management & GPS Tracking Device

Overview of Hermes


Small, compact, proprietary in-house design.

Vehicle Integration

Intended to be concealed within a vehicle, it integrates with auxiliary power to run only when the vehicle is running, but still provides periodic coordinate records for security tracking.

Real-Time Tracking

Hermes provides realtime updates to operators so that fleets can always be located.


Same fast 3G HSPA connectivity as the H4L, running on all major carriers.

GPS Tracking

Offers GPS tracking / location-based reporting only.

Resource Consumption

Hermes can provide detailed reports on the amount of gas that is being consumed by the person operating the vehicle.

Advanced Systems and Solutions

About Hermes

CLI has developed an in-house combination hardware and software solution for wireless work order management and fleet tracking. The hardware portion of this solution is named “Hermes”, and offers a variety of functions, including fleet tracking (GPS & location-based reporting), navigation/routing, and completed work orders audits. The Hermes system ties in with an Android application developed by CLI to facilitate ticket dispatch and real-time field reporting.

Data transmitted and collected from Hermes devices is available through CLI’s various software systems, and provides the foundation on which different business processes are carried out within the company. Locator auditing, based on coordinate (GPS) information received from the Hermes device gives CLI management very tight control mechanisms for managing costs and ultimately cutting excess overhead.