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CLI makes safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness a top priority when it comes to utility locating. With dedicated teams, professional experience, and technologically advanced systems, CLI promises the best quality service possible.

CLI & Municipal Services

CLI has partnered with INTUS Municipal Services (IMS), and are pleased to offer services and solutions for municipalities. Each service has been carefully developed to ensure that municipalities have efficient and cost effective options when it comes to infrastructure. By working closely with IMS, CLI is able to help ensure the safety of all types of municipal infrastructure assets.

About IMS

INTUS Municipal Services INC (”IMS”), is an applied technologies Systems and Services provider. IMS services municipal infrastructure (Street Lights, Water and Sewer) and municipal utilities (Gas and Hydro), by using high-efficiency technologies and systems.

Along with all core services and add-on services, CLI & IMS offer the following:

Municipal Asset Management

CLI & IMS provides municipalities with a plethora of asset management opportunities. CLI & IMS offers: Inventory Management, HR Management, Municipal Work Order Management, Mobile Fleet Management, Infrastructure Asset Management, Waste Management, Clearing Center (Permitting), Web-GIS, and Emergency Response.

Municipal Network Management

Municipalities are able utilize CLI & IMS’ Multi-use Geospatial Sensor Management System. This system is called ‘Phosphorus’ and has a wide usability for municipalities. Each remote sensor can be integrated into a GIS platform allowing for expedited repairs and constant asset management.

Sewer Inspections & Mapping

Sewer Safety Inspections (SSI) are offered to municipal clients who need help with sewer mapping and/or investigations. CLI & IMS offers sewer, manhole video inspections, and cross-bore sewer safety inspection through laterals. INTUS has the capacity to map sewer lines via inertia navigation.

Streetlight Mapping & Maintenance

CLI & IMS provides municipalities the opportunity to map and manage all street light assets. Through our GPS mapping services, CLI & IMS are able to present municipal infrastructure on GIS. This allows for fast tracked asset management and maintenance.

Electronic Drawing

CLI can electronically map all necessary geographical elements. Using state of the art GNSS receives to provide clients with crystal clear maps that are highly accurate and accessible.

Web-GIS Integration

Through the use of proprietary Web-GIS, CLI has the capacity to integrate all types of locate data, as-built information and electronic maps so that clients can have 24/7 accesses to all geospatial data. For clients with smaller IT departments and limited resources, CLI can also host all this data through their partnered network.

Network Design

Once locating and mapping have been completed, CLI can use all geospatial data collected to design an interactive 3D rendering of a project. This is useful for proper visualization of conflict points, network direction and placement.

Damage Inspections

CLI has the ability to Inspect sites that have been previously damaged a technician can create a digital image of what has occurred and add it to the locate ticket.

Why Choose CLI?

Canadian Locators provides all types of utility locating services, using state of the art ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic sensors to provide clients with professionally accurate readings and utility maps. Whenever digging is to commence, CLI will ensure that locating staff are well equipped and prepared to take on any type of locating job regardless of size. All data that is collected is then professionally mapped and can be used during the permitting process.

CLI has been providing locating services all around Canada since 2001, and is recognized as a true industry leader in the field. All locating information in collected with extreme accuracy and speed, ensuring that each project can carry on as scheduled.

CLI has been providing locating services for 15+ years and has completed millions of locates over the last decade.
State of the art tools are used and provide extremely accurate readings for all locates.
Highly Professional Staff
CLI ensures that all locating technicians and managers have received the highest degree of training before participating in locates.
All locate data collected is inputted into our proprietary mapping systems to be used for design and permitting.

CLI Total Locates 2014-2017

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