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Proprietary Web-Based ERP-Style System

Overview of Scheduling Software


Logically organize work flow with the interest of reducing operations costs.


Minimize and simplify dispatching efforts to office staff.

Customer Interactions

Accommodate client/customer interaction when required to 'meet' with field crews.

Group Organization

Group work and service orders, based on geographical and order informational data, for the field crews.


Accommodate client/customer requests regarding locate completion times and extensions.

Business Coordination

Streamline and coordinate business operations to maintain and increase production levels.

Advanced Systems and Solutions

About Intelligent Scheduling

In any business operation where fleet crews are dispatched to multiple service sites, operations personnel and managers alike face the challenge of controlling orders and services completion. Completing services in a timely way in order to minimize operational costs if often a difficult task. Improper management of work not only leads to wasted operational overhead costs (such as excessive fuel expenses, manpower delays, and increased employee booked-hours) but can also affect the business client/customer through overdue completion times and time delays to wait for order or service completion.

CLI has developed proper scheduling of workflows and service order management for clients while also enabling field crews to properly plan their work for each particular day. This directly affects the costs incurred by the crews as they carryout the business while indirectly promoting customer relations through timely completion of orders and minimizing delays experienced by the client/customer.