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Enhancing Locating Ticket Management

CLI with the help of its technology partnership with ID Technologies, has developed a variety of in-house software & hardware to help with the completion and management of Locating Projects.

CLI has made it a goal to always stay ahead of the technological curb and strives to set the bar high when it comes to technologies used for each locating project. Throughout the years, CLI has refined and developed fully functional ERP-like software and have created advanced methods to provide quick, cost effective and efficient results.

Locate Management

Locating projects are managed from start to finish with precision

Ticket Status

Technologies that track ticket status' and automating each and every update


Our company develops a unique dynamically and keeps in step with the times.
Technology & Software Development Firm

A Word from ID Technologies

ID Technologies initially set out with a mission – Become a technological leader by providing global solutions for our users and clients. ID Technologies have since created multiple award winning proprietary platforms which help shape and change the way business, management, maintenance and safety are carried out.

ID Technologies is responsible for assisting CLI with the development of each piece of hardware and software.

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    As a diversified utility locating firm and a pioneer of cutting edge technologies, CLI is constantly taking strides to evolve and provide the best client experience. CLI is one of the most awarded and well recognized locating firms in Canada and is continually working on being the best it can be.

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