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Canadian Locators Inc. (CLI)) has been in the locating business for more than 18 years, operating its first two years as a division of InteQuest Corporation (IQC). CLI was incorporated in 2001 as a 100% subsidiary of IQC. CLI has operations throughout the Provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario.

With over 300 Field Technicians, Administrative and Support personnel who provide the care, initiative, know-how, and experience as well as advanced proprietary technologies which ensure online real-time processes and cost-efficient 360 work-flows, CLI is considered the Premium North American Locating Company.

CLI provides services to distinguished industry clients, including: ATCO Gas, ATCO Pipelines, ATCO Electric, Bell West, ENMAX, Fortis, TELUS, Capital Region Waste Water, Enbridge Gas Distribution, Bell Canada, PowerStream, Alectra, City of Red Deer, City of Markham, City of Langley Utilities, Rogers, Trans Power Utilities, ROHL Geomatics, Zayo Group, as well as many other corporations and independent contractors throughout Western and Eastern Canada.

Alberta Operations

CLI has over 34 multi-utility trained locators working in areas from Calgary to the U.S. border, east from Saskatchewan to British Colombia. CLI has over 25 multi-utility trained locators working in the areas from Red Deer north to High level, Alberta. CLI is well-equipped with the resources to cover all areas of Alberta with minimal start-up time. All CLI locators have experience locating fiber optics and cable system infrastructure.

CLI has several Alberta offices with the head office in Calgary. Satellite offices are located in Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Red Deer, Lethbridge, and Medicine Hat. CLI has 15 administrators, based out of the head office, that handle customer enquiries and serve as liaisons to the contractors.

Ontario Operations

CLI has approximately 150 staff covering Ontario Operations with multiple utilities. CLI staff is trained in multi utility locating with over 85% technicians having Damage Prevention Certification (DPT). CLI is a member of the ORCGA and trains all staff in the processes and procedures under all applicable laws and regulations. CLI uses and is full compliance with Ontario traffic Manual. CLI is COR certified and conducts regular safety and Quality inspections with trained supervisory and auditing staff. Competency assessments are done yearly on all staff along with third party safety certification.

CLI investigates all underground damage and miss locates with root cause analysis and follow up reporting. CLI's damage ratio in Ontario is 0.07 per 1000 locates year to date.

ID Technologies

ID Technologies Inc. is CLI's IT and software development team. They work hand in hand with our operations staff to provide any technology that will create efficiencies. The team creates real-time changes, with no delays on technology issues, as well as providing support to our clients.

CLI takes pride in its technological infrastructure, which serves as one of our greatest strengths, along with its human capabilities (most of our senior staff are longstanding, and have been promoted from within the organization). CLI's ability to customize solutions in almost real-time based on customer needs has proven to create operational efficiencies. As a direct result, CLI maintains high service levels. Ongoing processes at CLI include pre-engineering of locating processes, and the continuous improvement and development of new technologies to provide better field management and field service automation.

Effective and efficient operations, continuous safety audits, quality locates, COR certifications, and excellent customer service is typical of CLI. CLI uses these attributes as benchmarks for its continuous management improvement procedures, training, and lessons learned database. By working as a team and sharing the same vision, CLI is open in client relationships so that the benefits of future efficiencies can bring further savings.

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