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Canadian Locators Inc. (CLI) is a leader in underground utility locating and damage prevention services. CLI provides locating services for underground utility facilities: gas (high and low pressure), electric, telephone, television cable and deep-water and sewer services within urban and rural areas. Additional services include line-dropping, oilfield and pipeline mapping, and clearing services.

CLI services such clients as Alberta Wastewater, ATCO Electric, ATCO Gas, ATCO Pipelines, Bell Canada, Bell West, City of Calgary, City of Edmonton, Enbridge Gas Distribution, Enmax Power Corporation, EPCOR Power Corporation, Fortis, Persona, Powerstream, Rogers, Telus, Alta- Link and Total Telecom, as well as many other corporations and independent contractors.

CLI is well positioned to support and deliver to the Municipalities requirements:

  • 14-plus years of cross-Canada locating services.
  • Deployment of in-house developed and regularly upgraded technologies and processes enables CLI to perform locates most efficiently.
  • CLI's technology base and industry best practices for training and safety ensure consistent compliance to customer’s requirements. They have been developed over many years and are fully tested in house and field proven.
  • 12 plus years of locating and clearing services for Alberta Waste Water Region.
  • 10 Years locating Edmonton City Water and Sewer.
  • 14 years' experience locating Fiber Optic communication cable, Street light and Traffic control systems for Power Stream, City of Markham, Epcor, Fortis, Enmax, Telus and Bell Communications.
  • All Ontario Staff are DPT Certified.

CLI has leveraged its experience and has developed strategies and processes refined over many years, and across multiple contracts and clients within many jurisdictions. Specifically:

  • Utilization of maintained best practices allowing customer real-time access (Locatorbase) and efficient logistics management.
  • Training and safety programs that are industry standard leaders.
  • Real-time management of staff allocations to accommodate surge demand and emergencies by deploying technology (Locatorbase) and management expertise.
  • Field-proven technology (Hermes) for location logistics and drawing management.
  • Educated, trained, and experienced stable work force; skilled in urban and rural areas.
  • Retention strategies enabling rapid ramp-up of teams without requiring extensive hiring.
  • Instituted safety (COR registered), ISO 9001-based quality and environmental programs.
  • Clearing center technologies.
  • Using existing and developing additional performance metrics to proactively manage customer service, response times, and other key activities.
  • Experienced Client Relations and Quality Assurance Manager.

Ontario Operations

CLI provides locating services for several underground utility facilities i.e. gas, hydro, telephone, television cable and water services. CLI's clients include Bell, Enbridge Gas, Rogers Communications, Toronto Hydro and Power Stream. CLI provides locate services for Telus in the same scope of work as this RFP ensuring timelines and efficiencies will be created.

Since 2005 CLI has been serving the utilities industry in the York Region, Simcoe Region, Toronto City and the entire province for Telus Communications. In Ontario, CLI has currently 15 admin, 102 damage prevention technicians and 4 Managers. Protecting the utilities’ infrastructure is what CLI does best in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner.

CLI deploys a highly skilled and professional labor force to meet the needs of its clients. CLI has an in-house continuous training and education program that provides on-going training, professional development and technological education for its field human resources. Our highly skilled labor force carries out its field task with accuracy and completeness. In addition, CLI deploys experienced and highly skilled quality control inspectors to ensure that industry standards are met and exceeded.

Locates are done in an accurate, timely fashion, and complete within 1 to 5 days of CLI receiving the locate notice.

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